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Wololaton Hall Giraffe
Wololaton Hall Giraffe - The Guardian

Brian Eno
Brian Eno, Musician - Time Out

Isobel Brigham
Isobel Brigham, Artist - Reclaiming the Madonna

Homeless Man
Homeless Man - Nursing Times

Courtney Pine
Courtney Pine, Musician - Time Out

Ron Carlson
Ron Carlson, Artist - Personal

Seal, Musician - TheObserver

Bodybuilding World Championships
Bodybuilding World Championships - The Guardian

John Benton-Harris
John Benton-Harris, Photographer - Personal

Jon Vizzard
Jon Vizzard, Vet - Personal

St Puals Bristal
St Paul's Bristol - Social Work Today

Maggie Hambling
Maggie Hambling, Artist - Reclaiming the Madonna

John Cale
John Cale, musician - Time Out

Rugby Practice on the Wash
Rugby Practice on the Wash - Times Educational Supplements

Nigel Benn
Nigel Benn, World Middleweight Boxing Champion - Time Out

Cardboard City
Cardboard City, Waterloo - Social Work Today

Shani Rhys-James
Shani Rhys-James, Artist - Reclaiming the Madonna

Mystery Death
Mystery Death - Personal

Gordon McKenzie
Gordon McKenzie, Rescue Dogs - Personal

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