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The Wash

Walking miles out to sea and still only ankle deep in water you can't help but feel some sort of biblical connection. When you come across a ship that looks like Noah's Ark, beached as though after the great flood and surrounded by what appear to be floundering fish, it starts to get a little weirder!

The Ark

Dummy Bombs
Fish bombs

Low Tide
Low tide

Stranded Butterfly
Stranded butterfly

Stranded Crab
Stranded crab

Tide Mark
Tide mark

Draining Water
Draining water

Dead Boat
Dead boat

Mud Face
Mud face

Prison Door
Prison door

Sheep and Sanphire
Sheep and sanphire

Picnic Spot
Pilgrim Fathers's departure point


This is where the Pilgrim Fathers set sail from to find religious freedom in America.

What started as an ordinary landscape project turned out to be an existential statement about how little we learn, even from lessons that are thousands of years old.

If the predictions of global warming are correct, this will be among the first land to disappear. Ironically, the sign at Gibraltar Point reads 'take nothing, leave only footprints'.

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