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True Stories

The True Stories commission from Lincoln City Council Arts was a small scale photographic project. The purpose was to explore the possibilities for a larger photographic documentary about the development of the City's outskirts. Most of my personal photographic work before this dealt with issues of landscape that was at the border of human habitation (which is virtually all landscape) and the stories that it tells. Without human interaction within the landscape, there is only wilderness and the story of nature itself. All landscape that has been affected by the interaction of humans has multiple narratives attached to it. This particular story is about the commoditisation of the brown-belt borderland that encircles a small city.

Corporate paint job - painting a warehouse in corporate colours
Corporate paint job

Intrusion - nosey Parker pub

Recycle - recycle skip
Can recycle

Dont recycle - old building
Can't recycle

All roads lead to the future - sign where everything points in one direction
All roads point to the future

As I said - blocked off road
As I said!

Redevelop - mental hospital

Its all a dream - giant model of a mamouth
Don't redevelop

Sorry about the titles yes, I know they're a bit corny.

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