I have recently rebuilt this site and transferred my Jerusalem blog to it. The old blog was on Google, who decided to mess things up for everyone by requiring that you sign in to a Google account in order to view it! Some of the older posts have not been properly transferred yet but, the newer ones are a vast improvement – enjoy! 

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I am a Lincoln based photographer specialising in editorial and social landscape work. The bulk of my commercial work covers editorial features, portrait, documentary, and travel for many clients such as: The Observer, The Guardian, News International, Central TV, Time Out and Camera Press Agency. I have also worked on long term photographic contracts for The Nursing Times, The Usher Art Gallery and The Museums Association. I have exhibited widely throughout the UK in group and one man shows.

At the moment I am concentrating on my longer term photography projects but, I still take the odd commission, contact me.

No current exhibitions – You can still buy my books online here 

Sand patterns
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