Jerusalem book coverThinking of Lincolnshire conjures up picturesque images of agriculture, pretty villages and market towns, church spires, sandy beaches, seaside resorts, and big skies. This is a personal journey through a landscape offering a glimpse of Lincolnshire’s eccentricities, issues, humour, politics, and history. I spent part of my childhood living in the village of Jerusalem. Small, practically one straight through road, a bit of a dump and the air literally stank of death due to the rotting carcasses at the local ‘animal rendering plant’. I photographed the village road sign baring in mind the hymn of the same name but ironically, with the hedge behind it not being particularly green or pleasant.

90 pages, perfect bound, softback 240mm x 200mm.

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Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island book coverThis ‘social landscape’ photography project covers the seaside resorts of Lincolnshire. It is a spin off project from my larger photographic odyssey Jerusalem.

The fortunes of British seaside resorts have waxed and waned over the years, particularly in Lincolnshire. In a new twist, it doesn’t stretch the post-brexit imagination too far to speculate that fantasy island may be welcoming a larger number of staycationers in the near future…

70 pages, perfect bound, softback 240mm x 200mm.


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