Are we there yet?

So, this is where I officially kickoff my new side-project about the Lincolnshire coast…

I have also added earlier images of the coast to a separate page. I’ll be creating a separate blog site for this project soon (it will work in Safari on the iPad as well). In the meantime, this is my first foray – Mablethorpe.

Welcome to Fantasy Island

I have never had a proper family holiday although, up to the age of about 10 we did go for days out to the seaside. My enduring memories of the seaside are the paraphernalia, smells and architecture. This is a 57 year old selfie, It’s been a while but I’m pretty sure this is the exact spot in Mablethorpe where my father took the original. The elephant was bright pink, of course!

Seaside cock shop
A wide selection of inclusive and health conscious confections in the cock shop
Captain Jacks crazy golf
Captain Jack’s crazy golf

An Englishman’s home is his bouncy castle

It’s a sundial!

Foreign shells sold on English beaches – not very brexit!

Hook’s Island crazy golf. There seems to be a huge amount of pirate themed crazy golf.

I’m guessing a lot of older folk traditionally retire to the seaside and they bring their dogs with them. Even the smallest towns have several mobility shops, pet clothing shops and charity shops.

The sun never sets on the Empire. I wonder where the first ever seaside holiday destination evolved?