Backing Britain

Wherever you go you will find the Union and St George’s flags, in front gardens on public facilities, on clothing or even in the middle of nowhere. Is it patriotism, pride, or maybe nostalgia for when Britain was considered *’great’.

German car with Union flag livery - copyright ChrisGoddard

A German car with a patriotic Union Flag livery, perhaps it was an intentional snub or did the owner not see the irony? The Red Arrows in the background was good timing and admittedly, a stroke of luck.

Brexit-ometer - copyright Chris Goddard

Even before the Brexit vote, it was already fairly obvious where Lincolnshire stood. On the day, the county recorded the highest pro-Brexit vote in the UK, with more than 75% of residents voting to leave the EU. It looks like this poll turned out to be pretty accurate.

Lincolnshire farm shop - copyright ChrisGoddard

A Lincolnshire farm shop that sells a large percentage of imported produce. Ah well, I guess it came from a farm somewhere!

Bank holiday open day at aviation museum - copyright Chris Goddard

Bank Holiday open day at the Lincolnshire Aviation Centre. Lincolnshire (Bomber County) is obsessed with its aviation history. The Bank Holiday weather never gets in the way of a day out.

Ragged flag - copyright Chris Goddard

* The “Great” part of Britain refers to the ‘great’er landmass of England, Scotland and Wales. Many labour under the misapprehension that it refers to the glory of Empire or some kind of past achievement on the world stage. Though, perhaps greatness is closer to a modern interpretation, having been commandeered by so many people, particularly Brexiters as an aspiration.