Bardney is strange and off the beaten track. Pilgrims of all kinds have come to this thriving village in the middle of flatland nowhere for centuries. Home to a 7th century abbey whose ruins are hardly ever visited today and responsible for the Lincolnshire rebuff to anyone not closing a door, “do you come from Bardney”*. In 1972 Bardney hosted a pop festival ‘The Great Western Festival’, with International acts including Status Quo, Roxy Music, Rory Gallagher, Joe Cocker and The Byrds – in BARDNEY! Bardney is also home to the smallest Catholic Church I have seen, a sugar factory and of one of the best butcher shops in the county whose ‘award winning’ pies are truly magnificent…

Bardney Abbey
St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church
Cake and Offal sign

Cake and Offal

*Bede relates that Bardney Abbey was greatly loved by Osthryth, queen of Mercia, and in about 679 she sought to move the bones of her uncle, St Oswald there. However, when the body was brought to the Abbey the monks refused to accept it. The relics were locked outside, but during the night a beam of light appeared and shone from his bier reaching up into the heavens. The monks declared that it was a miracle and accepted the body, hanging the King’s Purple and Gold banner over the tomb. They are also said to have removed the great doors to the Abbey so that such a mistake could not occur again. Hence the rebuff  to a door left open – “do you come from Bardney