Barren land

I’ve been sick the past couple of weeks so, I’m getting back into walking, here’s a varied selection images from my local neighbourhood…

Some of the locals are so conservative that they did not approve of the church being used as a polling station (North Carlton).

Polling Station - North Carlton

It’s a dry spring, no rain for weeks and none forecast. What passes for soil in this intensively farmed landscape is now suffering moisture deficiency as well as nutrient deficiency. Crops can no longer be grown on this land but for the injection of chemicals. The soil has no life, it is just mineral, no organic matter to retain moisture, no bacteria to break down matter and provide nutrients, no worms and bugs for wildlife.

Dry, cracked soil

Even the field edges are made barren by the use of weed killer, to stop nature encroaching.

Field edge

This is the inside of a car dumped at the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. Contents included the dashboard and armrest console, the air conditioning unit, various drugs related paraphernalia and a taser!