Is it farming?

Factory farm
Farms are really starting to look like factories these days, they just get bigger and bigger. Though it’s difficult to tell at ground level, this one looks about the size 20 football pitches. Often it’s not possible to tell what is inside them, could be chickens, pigs, cows (for milk).

Some of us have a big moral problem with the treatment of animals in this way. The farmers (can they still be called farmers?) know this. Most of these ‘factories’ are built in out-of-the-way places and are often hidden at ground level by the planting of high hedging. This one, being new, can be seen clearly from the road.

The Independent has identified dozens of such farms operating across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, pinpointing – for the first time – at least 50 confinement units, and 20 CAFO-style facilities. More are understood to be in the pipeline. The largest units hold over 2,000 cows, in comparison to the average UK herd size of around 125.The Independent