Mavis Enderby

Just paid a visit to my old friend Mavis Enderby. For those who aren’t aware she is one of Lincolnshire’s famous celebrity villages. Her friends include Boothby Graffoe (obviously), Kirkby Underwood, Claxby Plukacre, Hutton Fenside, Tumby Woodside, Friskney Eaudyke, Bicker Gauntlet (he’s a bit fighty!) Gosberton Cheal and many more. I might get round to a full list one day. In the meantime…

Notice board - Mavis Enderby

Old tree - Mavis Enderby

I don’t usually do archaeological stuff but it was down the road from Mavis. Old Bollingbroke Castle. Birth place of Henry IV, who’d have thought it!

Old Bollingbroke Castle