North West

I have finally got around to covering North Lincolnshire, west of the River Trent…

Wind farm - NW Lincolnshire
Looking toward Goole Fields this area is probably more sparsely populated than the fens. Apparently, ideal for land based wind farms and horses.

Roadside attraction - NW Lincolnshire
I have photographed similar attempts by land owners all over Lincolnshire to capitalise on the ‘fun farm’ – There’s not a lot else to do round here unless you like shooting things.

Roadside attraction - NW Lincolnshire 

John Wesley - Epworth 

I love the location of John Wesley‘s statue in Epworth. No grand plinth in the town square, this location is fitting given his views though, I guess the idea of being idolised at all would be anathema.
Owston Ferry
In Owston Ferry, there is a feeling of desolation and the sense of a faded community that existed before the television, mobile phones and the internet. I actually like what is has become, melancholic, a place that has forgotten what it is. The phone box has no phone inside it. What was the ‘Albion Hall’? Who was Frances Sandres, she gifted the clock tower in 1866? Modern tractors hauling potatoes roar through the square at the same speed as cars, not a single soul on the street. Who knows, with global warming we may have to start thinking more locally again and perhaps these former community areas will be revitalised with markets and other social activities… in my dreams perhaps!