Why am I doing this, there must be more important things to photograph? With the world the way it is; pandemic, wars, Trump, Tory buffoons, Labour’s self-harming, poverty, environmental disaster – and I choose this! I guess everyone elses focus is on the bigger issues so perhaps that should be reason enough. Then again, I wonder what these images say about the bigger issues? Why should I care? In the grand scheme does it really matter when the human race gets wiped out, tomorrow or a million years. It’s inevitable that it will happen one day. Perhaps it’s a fatalistic view that drives me to photograph the inconsequential, the bizarre, and the seemingly unimportant. Perhaps that’s what living in Lincolnshire is… I need a drink!

Scarecrow woman

Scarecrow woman

Garden with gnomes

Meet the creator of these marvelous objects. Maybe it’s the need to escape reality that drives us to create our own worlds. I could be generalising but, one thing I notice about gardens such as these is that the creators are always friendly, they have a love of nature and often a greater understanding of nature than most people. 

Kitchen sink with plants

A sink used as a convenient receptacle for plant cuttings complete with its own water supply and drainage. Or perhaps an unwittingly created metaphor for life… I definitely need that drink?