Happy New Year

As it’s the time of year for reflection and new starts, I’ve been thinking (please, no jokes). Re-reading my original statement about this project. I need to redefine what I am doing so, this is my first text only post.

Jerusalem as a  project was only ever loosely defined, it’s more a bunch of ramblings, both physically in the landscape and in the mind. I have only ever had a vague notion of where I was going with it but, does it really matter?

A continuing theme of my landscape projects over the years has been borderlands (see: The Wash, Confused Landscape, True Stories ). The areas of landscape that are between one place and another.

Coastal areas have always interested me so this might be the project for 2018. Photographing the Lincolnshire coast in greater detail would continue the trend and integrate with the larger Lincolnshire theme.