Pretty pictures

More things that stick up into the air. I felt the need to take a spectacular image, the kind of attention grabbing image that photographers take to impress upon their viewers their ‘unique talents’. Not something I am normally bothered about as I am more interested in the landscape itself, rather than flattering it!

So, I got up at about 5.00am and drove into the Wolds with the idea of photographing the Belmont TV transmitter at sunrise in the frosty landscape. The idea being that as the sun came over the horizon it would catch the mast before the landscape and light it up like a giant gleaming pole. Yeah, didn’t happen! Unfortunately the sky was reflecting too much light down onto the landscape before it directly hit the mast itself. I’ll leave the pretty pictures to others from now on.

Still, it was a beautiful thing to hike out there in the pitch darkness and frost (very, very cold) and watch the dawn break.

Belmont Transmitter at sunrise